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We are ECO

Bialmed Sp. z o.o. has over 30 years of experience in supplying medical care.

We have been supplying health care facilities for over 30 years.

True modernity is expressed in harmony with nature.

The new headquarters of Bialmed is a symbol of an environmentally friendly investment. We built it in the land of forests and lakes using the latest technologies and trends. On a plot of land of 6.05 ha, we have created a facility with more than 14,000 m² of usable space. It consists of state-of-the-art warehouse halls and offices as well as social facilities for employees and guests.

Warehouse and office areas are arranged in such a way that their mutual proximity is used without risk of collision. The office part looks particularly attractive - vertical glazing creates the impression of lightness and underlines the future-oriented nature of the facility.

On two floors, there is everything you can imagine in a 21st century office. Despite the impressive size, the buildings do not detract from the landscape. They convey simplicity and respect for the environment. The elegance of modern architecture is complemented by ubiquitous greenery. We are at the threshold of the Land of Thousand Lakes after all.

The effect is pleasing to the eye. But the less visible is equally important to the environment. The facility has been designed to be as energy self-sufficient as possible. On the roofs there are photovoltaic panels forming a solar power plant with considerable power output. The generated electricity powers all necessary devices and installations. In the near future, we plan to expand it with further panels to eventually obtain 400 kW. For heating and air conditioning we use heat pumps, which are an example of clean technology that helps to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions.